Divorce Law

Divorce Law

Divorce is a legal process, in which one divides all known assets, debts and agrees with time sharing of any minor children. Assets and debts can include money in the bank, credit cards and student loan debt, retirement accounts, homes and businesses. Children are required to be supported by both parties until they turn 18. Child support is calculated and based on income and overnight time sharing. Spousal support is also an option depending on the parties. In order to file a divorce you must live in Florida for at least 6 months.

Divorce by agreement:
Often parties can agree and just want to formalize the divorce. It can be done for a very reasonably price and in less than 30 days.

Divorce by publication:
Occasionally, one of the parties has moved out of Florida or the United States. In that case, a person living here can do a divorce with a diligent search and publication. This process can take up to six months. If the party is found and agrees to get divorced, you can be divorced in less than 30 days.

Litigated divorce:
I get calls stating the parties would like to divorce each other, but cannot agree on certain issues. This requires a longer legal process to resolve. First a suit must be filed and then one must wait for a potential answer.

If an answer is filed by the opposing party, then mediation can be requested in an attempt to resolve most if not all issues. If mediation is not 100% successful, the remaining issues are set for a contested trial. In the interim, temporary hearings can be requested for temporary relief.